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5 Best Video Call Applications on Android

5 Best Video Call Applications on Android - In today's world, video calls have become a popular method of communicating with others face-to-face, regardless of the distance between them. Video calls allow us to have real-time conversations with people who are located in different places.

A lot of individuals rely on video calls to alleviate their longing for friends, family, or romantic partners, as well as to conduct job interviews and participate in meetings.

The availability of video calls greatly aids us in connecting with others, even when they are far away. Moreover, video calls are also advantageous in terms of cost-effectiveness since we can utilize free WiFi networks.

In earlier times, video calls were limited to computers, but now they can be conducted on smartphones and tablets as well. This advancement allows individuals to make video calls conveniently using their handheld devices. For those interested in exploring this feature, En Sejarah Kita presents a list of the top Android video call applications.

1. Skype

I'm sure you're familiar with this one, aren't you? Skype is a widely recognized video call application that has gained global popularity. Notably, Skype has developed a specific application for Android and various other operating systems.

As of now, Skype has attracted a massive user base of 250 million people. Over the years, the developers of Skype have continuously introduced compelling features to the platform, including SMS services and voice calls. Similar to Line and Hangouts, Skype also offers cross-platform support, enabling seamless communication across different devices.

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2. Zoom

Zoom has become incredibly popular among remote workers for conducting online meetings. One of its key advantages is the ability to host video call sessions with up to 100 participants for free!

Additionally, Zoom ensures high-definition video quality and offers fast server connections, guaranteeing a seamless meeting experience without any worries about lag disruptions.

Another great aspect of Zoom is its compatibility with various operating systems, not limited to Android. You can invite individuals using Windows, Mac, and iOS to join your online meetings.

Zoom boasts numerous other features as well. For instance, you can easily share your Android device's screen or files stored in web and cloud hosting platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox.

But that's not all. During meetings, participants can actively engage with one another through the chat feature, sending messages, images, audio, or videos, making interactions among members more dynamic and convenient.

3. Google Meet

This application is among the top video call apps available for Android, and you can download it from the Play Store. Developed by Google, you can expect a satisfying experience from this renowned tech company.

Google Meet stands out as a video call app by implementing encrypted security measures in every video call session. This ensures the protection of sensitive personal and company data from spyware attacks.

Moreover, Google Meet is praised for its user-friendly interface. Simply share a link, and anyone with a Google email account can easily join the call by clicking on the link.

This method is highly convenient, considering that a vast majority of people around the world already have a Google account. This eliminates the need for creating a new account for anyone who wishes to participate in an online meeting or webinar. Isn't that practical?

4. OmeTV

The OmeTV video call application has become increasingly popular, particularly after notable influencers in Indonesia began using it. Through this app, you can engage in real-time conversations not only with individuals from Indonesia but also with users from diverse corners of the globe.

One of the distinctive features of OmeTV is that you don't have to register an account to utilize it. In the event of camera-related issues, the chat feature serves as an alternative for textual conversations. Furthermore, the OmeTV application is available for free usage.

5. WhatsApp Messenger

Like BBM, this widely used messaging application has recently incorporated a video call feature. WhatsApp Messenger, also known as WA, has evolved beyond being a mere app for chatting with your mobile phone contacts.

Now, WA enables you to engage in video calls as well. This addition of video calling has garnered substantial popularity, given WhatsApp's already established reputation for its messaging capabilities. Therefore, if you desire to initiate a video call using WA, you have the option to do so now.

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